In Home Dog Boarding in Calgary

Book early for spring vacations

We offer Dog Boarding services in our Calgary home
If you’re thinking about taking a holiday this year you probably need a place to board your dog. Dog boarding in kennels is ok for some, but lots of dog owners prefer in home dog boarding. The benefits are that your dog gets the personal attention they need and they are not confined for the time you’re away. This is less of a change for the dogs since they are already used to life in your home and boarding your dog in another home is less stressful for them.

Our In Home Dog Boarding Offer

We’re offering in home dog boarding services and we are taking reservations for summer vacations. Room is very limited so you’ll want to move fast.

Dogs will accompany us on our multiple, daily group walks in the park, so they get lots of exercise, attention and playtime. Dogs will be able to sleep in their own doggy bed, eat their regular food, and have toys from home. And best of all we have no restrictive pick up and drop off times like dog boarding kennels. So, if your flight lands at 10PM, you can swing by and pick up your dog without waiting for the next day. We are just minutes from the Calgary airport.

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Of course you understand that we must be selective about the dogs we allow into our home. All dogs must go though the regular screening process that we do with our dog walking clients.

In Home Dog Boarding Rates:

More than 5 Nights: $30 per day/night
Less than 5 Nights: $35 per day/night
All prices include GST.
References and proof of Calgary police background checks will be provided so don’t be shy to ask.

We’re proud of the services we offer and want you to feel 100% comfortable with your choice to allow us to look after your best friend. Think of it as your dog getting a great vacation, so don’t be surprised if they don’t want to leave.

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