$10,000 reward for Leo

Meyer Schoeman of Red Deer is offering a $10,000 reward for Leo, his missing French bulldog
Photograph by: Courtesy , Meyer Schoeman

CALGARY — Since announcing a $10,000 reward for the return of his missing dog, Meyer Schoeman has been getting a lot of attention.

Strangers are offering to help find the pup.

News outlets from across Alberta are contacting the Red Deer resident for interviews and the pooch’s mug is popping up on social media.

Schoeman says while he is overwhelmed by all the interest, he is no fool.

“All the people looking and all the press is beyond my wildest imagination,” said Schoeman, a central Alberta doctor, “but I realize it’s because of the ridiculous reward of $10,000 and not because he’s a lost little dog or because it’s a beautiful story.”

For Schoeman, it doesn’t matter.

“I know it’s a little crazy, but I just want my dog back.”

Leo, a 12.7-kilogram French bulldog, went missing last Wednesday outside his home in south Red Deer during an off-leash jaunt with a dog walker.

Schoeman and his friends have been scouring the city since then, plastering posters where they can and visiting veterinarian offices.

So far, no leads.

But Schoeman, 37, remains positive.

“I have a feeling he will turn up,” the owner said, adding the handsome reward reflects the monetary value of his dog, who will turn two this spring.

He finds himself wondering if the small dog is lost and injured or dead, being cared for by someone, or if something untoward is going on.

“These dogs are not cheap and Leo is not neutered, so that increases his value,” said Schoeman, who paid $3,000 for the dog when the pup was just five months old. “For breeding purposes, it would be worth someone’s while to take him.”

The dog is worth more than money to the doctor.

“He is amazing and I know if I don’t find him I will never have another dog like him,” he said, “but I will know I did everything I could.”

Leo is light-brown with a black face and was wearing a black collar. He was wearing tags and is tattooed.

Schoeman can be reached at schoemie@hotmail.com.

“No questions asked,” he said.

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