Dog makes it across country and is re-united with owner

Dog running away

Microchip your dog

Well this is certainly interesting, it seems that a lab cross named Pollux ran away from home in Quebec and was found by a guy in BC.

Kamloops SPCA staff are baffled as to how Pollux, who went missing a year ago, traveled more the 3,000 kilometers to make it to B.C. safe and sound….
Pollux was found running at large by a Walhachin resident a few weeks back and brought to the Kamloops SPCA on June 30. It was there staff checked for an I.D. chip, which traced Pollux back to a veterinary clinic in Quebec.
Reunion set after dog’s Lab-orious cross-Canada journey

After reading the article I can’t help but wonder if someone found Pollux and adopted him, took him to BC, only to have him run away again. It really brings to light the benefit of having your dog microchiped rather than simply tattooed. Tattoos fade, can be altered or be unreadable. They believe that the dog was afraid of thunder and caused it to run.
Puppies should really get desensitized to loud noises at an early age. This is done very gradually but can be completed in as little as 2 or 3 afternoon sessions of 20 minutes. It’s all part of a comprehensive dog socialization program.

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