Dog Killer on the loose in Alberta town

Senseless killing is always horrible and shocking. Usually these incidents pass quickly so the healing can begin. However for residents of Mirror Alberta, near Red Deer, these senseless deaths having been going on for years.

Some sicko has been poisoning peoples’ dogs since 2007 and has yet to be caught. More than 2 dozen cases have been reported in a town of 500 and it has people understandably upset and angry. Meat, laced with strychnine, has been left in peoples’ yards in a deliberate attempt to kill family pets for no apparent reason. One poor lady had 3 of her dogs die the same day.

Speculation is rampant and some suspects have been identified. People posting comments on this story on some major news sites were angry and outright calling for lynch mob justice seeing as several people feel they already know who is to blame. “please god give me 5 minutes with this horrible piece of crap!!” writes one angry reader with his sentiments echoed by many on the Sun news site. Others feel that even if the culprit is caught the justice system will be too light on him. “I want to know what the maximum sentence this guy could even get if he was found. Animal abuse laws are way way too weak in this country” writes another.

Personally I am pretty upset by this and many of the other recent stories of needless dog killings closer to home. According to several posters on other news sites there may have been similar attacks in Calgary however these seem to be more targeted rather than random in nature.

It gives me shivers to think about how this would be to experience first hand. My heart goes out to the residents of Mirror who’ve been held hostage by this terrorist for years.

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