Microchip leads to ‘wonderful’ reunion – Stolen Dog Returned

Metro – Microchip leads to ‘wonderful’ reunion.

When their chocolate Labrador, Rivers, was snatched from a backyard in Fayetteville, Ark., the Parker family figured they would never see him again.
“We called every veterinary clinic, we called everyone,” Mary Parker recalled. “We hung up flyers, went door to door — you name it.”
As it turned out, a couple in Oregon innocently adopted Rivers through an acquaintance. On a recent trip to Calgary, the Oregon family lost track of the playful pup and he ended up in the hands of city animal and bylaw services.
Data from a microchip embedded under Rivers’ skin when he was young revealed he’d been on quite an adventure.
“They called up my son … all I could say is ‘You’re kidding me,’” Parker said. “It’s absolutely wonderful.”
Rivers is scheduled to board a plane back to the U.S. late Tuesday, and Parker will be at the airport to greet him with open arms.
City bylaw boss Bill Bruce said the long-awaited reunion further reinforces the pet licensing program, which has steered Calgary to the highest return-to-owner and lowest cat- and dog- euthanization rates in North America.
“ID is the ticket home,” he said.

It’s super important to have your dog licensed and tagged. Microchips do not fade or blur like tattoos.
You never know what could happen to separate you from your best friend so spend the few bucks and get your dog chipped.

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