Who we are

Puppies Unleashed is a dog walking service run by Angelica Soto located in North East Calgary.
Being a passionate dog lover I realized early on the value of finding just the right someone to look after my dog like one of their own. My dog is more than just a pet, she is a member of my family and the most loyal companion one could ask for. Luna’s official position could be listed as K9 Supervisor of quality control and most friendly host.

Angelica Soto
I am a former journalist and university professor from Mexico who really enjoys traveling and being active in the outdoors. Having been a dog owner all my life, I have always enjoyed taking my pups jogging, walking or hiking. That took me to learn more about dogs, training and dog behavior. I took a course of Pet First Aid at SAIT Polytechnic under the guidance of Ellen Kovar in 2012. Updating it in 2016 with Walks and Wags Pet First Aid.

In October 2015 after almost 5 years working with dogs I decided to take the next step  and started working for my Certification as Professional Dog Trainer, so I enrolled at Dogma for the Certified Behaviour Consultant (DCBC) and graduated in December 2016. This certification took me to this wonderful new goal I have on my life: Training dogs! Currently I am working to get my CPDT-KSA

I love to collaborate as much as possible in any dog event around Calgary to support their specific fundraising. I love what I do now with every dog and I don’t really consider it work. I guess I am just really lucky to have found something I enjoy so much beside of travelling, teaching and photography.

Luna the lab posing for pictures

Luna doing her royal duties

( aka Her Royal Dogness Luna, Princess of Labrador )
Luna is a big puppy with a big heart. She loves everybody and everybody loves Luna. She’s easily the most popular dog in the neighborhood and she knows it. Several times in the past I was greeted by people in the neighborhood with the question, “You’re Luna’s owners right?” Her gentle manner and friendliness has made her an instant favorite at the dog park and in our daily walks. Every dog in my pack that has met Luna loves her for her calm and friendly personality. She is like the old sister of many of the new pups and the younger one for the oldest dogs I walk since we started this new adventure together.


Puppies Unleashed Operates out of North East Calgary

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