Who we are

Puppies Unleashed is a dog walking service run by Ross and Angelica Murphy located in North East Calgary.
Being passionate dog lovers we realized early on the value of finding just the right someone to look after your dog like one of their own. We feel like our dog is more than just a pet but rather a full fledged member of our family. Luna’s official position could be listed as K9 Supervisor of quality control.

Angelica Murphy walking Luna the Labrador

Angelica with Luna

Angelica Murphy
Angie is a former journalist and university professor who really enjoys traveling and being active in the outdoors. Having been a dog owner all her life she has always enjoyed taking her pups jogging. “It’s a great excuse to get off the couch” she says. When asked she will tell you “I don’t really consider it work, I guess I am just really lucky to have found something I enjoy so much”.

Ross hiking with Luna the lab

Ross Hiking with Luna

Ross Murphy
Ross has been working with dogs in various capacities for several years now. Having been a member of NAHRA and the WRHRC he has volunteered many hours in helping those dog training organizations put on retriever trials, training programs and other fun dog events. A love for the activity and the outdoors shows when the family hits the trail on a long weekend. He often jokes about it and says “I guess it’s a bit of a sickness, but what else would I do?”

Luna the lab posing for pictures

Luna doing her royal duties

Luna Murphy
( aka Her Royal Dogness Luna, Princess of Labrador )
Luna is a big puppy with a big heart. She’s easily the most popular dog in the neighborhood and she knows it. She has a fan club of local children who would ring the bell just to ask if they could pet her. Of course she could never disappoint a fan. Even the letter carrier takes time out to visit with Luna and several times Ross and Angelica have been greeted by people in the neighborhood with the question, “You’re Luna’s owners right?” Her gentle manner and friendliness has made her an instant favorite at the dog park and in our daily walks.


Puppies Unleashed Operates out of North East Calgary

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