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Why does my dog need a dog walker?

Need a dog walker in Calgary?Just like people, regular activity plays significant role in your dog’s overall well being. A dog’s mental as well as physical health can be greatly improved by daily walks that provide them an opportunity to explore and socialize. There are many reasons why someone would need to hire a dog walker or pet care specialist. These can range from a busy schedule, unplanned business trips or even illness and disability. If your lifestyle does not seem to permit enough opportunity for you to provide your dog with at least 1 hour of activity per day you owe it to them to begin right away. They will live a happier, longer and healthier life.

Even dogs that do not seem to be very active around the house should get out and get some exercise. Older dogs especially may not exercise much at home if not encouraged to do so. Pets who are aging must be kept agile and fit. Just like us they need regular physical exercise to maintain a healthy life.

What benefits can we expect from a dog walking service?

The benefits are many, on top of the peace of mind you get from giving your dog something positive to do while you’re at work. Again, like us, dogs are social animals. This is perhaps why they fit into our lives as well as they do. It’s very stressful for a dog to be left alone or go for long periods without affection, activity or mental stimulation. This combination or boredom and anxiety can bring out many headaches for the pet owner. Dog Dumpster DivingChewing, barking, garbage diving, messing in the house and a whole other list of general dog owner issues can be resolved with a regularly scheduled walk with other dogs. The activity, social interaction and routine give the dogs a better outlet for their energy than chewing your sofa, digging in the yard, or barking until the neighbors lose their minds.

So dog walking is more than just a potty break?

Absolutely it is. There is much more to dog walking than simply giving them a chance to get outside. Of course we do offer that service for people who just need someone to stop by, check on the dog and give them a chance to relieve themselves.
Older dogs may have trouble holding their bladders as long as they used to. This can get worse with age and holding for long periods can bring on incontinence, even in a younger dog which is certainly an ugly situation to have to live with.

Dog asking for a walkFrequent walks can help prevent a number of canine behavior problems and improve their health and quality of life. In today’s busy world it’s not always easy for us to give our best friends the attention they deserve.

A dog walker can help.


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