Dog Training

Whether you are looking for some basic dog obedience for your new K9 family member, work in some good dog manners as greeting and loose leash walking or tackle a specific mild behavior issue that your dog has been struggling with, the answer is our Individualized Dog Training sessions. We offer one and one training to help a puppy or an older dog start off on the right paw.

Private Dog Training sessions

These sessions are designed to help committed and self-motivated dog owners who need support and instruction in the achievement of their training goals.The one and one coaching for you and your dog will provide you with the tools to understand dog communication and create the foundation for a better dog-owner relationship.

Our options are focus on instructing your dog to be fluent and reliable in the needed skill(s) and help you to solve the behaviour problems based in a positive way with reward training philosophy. Every class is 1 hour session primarily at your home working with one or more basic skills and/or specific behavior; completed with demos, trouble shooting, hand outs and suggested readings to succeed.

Would you like to improve some of your dog good manners but your life style is too busy to work on those skills? We also offer Training and Walk, while you are at work.

Training and Walk sessions

These sessions are focus to help your dog improves some good dog manners already learned while enjoying a nice walk. This will ensure that your dog practices those skills that is struggling with and at the same time is getting the physical activity that requires for the day. You will receive writing reports, videos and/or pictures with the work we have been doing with your dog.

Every session is a 30 minutes’ walk during which we will be working with some obedience cues based in reward training. These sessions are perfect for those dogs that have some kind of knowledge in obedience and need a follow up to practice loose leash walking, positions cues, leave it and greetings that help a lot to increase your dog’s self-control and confidence.

We will work around your neighborhood and proof the reliability and generalization of those skills in different environments and situations. We can work also in some behavior issues, as leash reaction, but private training sessions will be necessary first to set up the best program to work with your dog.

*All prices include GST
Training Rates
  • Training & walk Session: $35
  • Single private training Session: $60
  • 3 Private training sessions package: $170
  • 6 Private training sessions package: $340
  • 8 Private training sessions package: $440

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