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Here you will find a list of different kind of services that will be useful for you and your dog. Even if you are just in the process to get a dog, these resources will help you to adopt the right fur family member and get all the gear you will need to welcome him at home.

Pet Welfare Organizations

City of Calgary Animal Services Centre

2201 Portland Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta | Phone: 311

Calgary Humane Society

4455 110th AVE SE, Calgary, Alberta T2C 2T7 | Phone: (403) 205-4455

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Bay G 3851-21 street NE Calgary, AB. T2E 6T5 | Phone: (403) 250-7377

Pet Stores & Pet Supplies

Rascals Pet Supplies

3804 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary, AB. T2E 5T6 | Phone: (403) 275-3647

Bon-A-Pet Treat Pet Bakery

5511 Bowness Road #3 NW, Calgary, Alberta | Phone: (403) 286-7389

Mexin Mexican Inspiration

Handmade dog gear & Pet supplies | (52)1 33 1314-6368 |

Pisces Pet Emporium

4921 Skyline Way NE, Calgary, AB. T2E 4G5 | Phone: (403) 274-3314

Veterinarians & Health links

Vets on Wheels

Dr. Sonial Bernal | Mobile Veterinarian services | Phone:(587) 899-8387

Calgary North Animal Hospital

4204 4 St NW, Calgary, AB T2K 1A2 |  Phone: (403) 277-0135

Positive Health Wellness

Page with articles for the care of your pet

Dog Parks Information & Location

To find a list of all the off leash parks that the City of Calgary offers just click the link below for a complete directory with location and maps.

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