I am not certain whether my dog should go for solo walks or walk with a group. What do you suggest?

Usually if your dog is not aggressive and reasonably active then a group walk would be ideal. Walking as a group really promotes positive social behavior and encourages healthy play. If however you have concerns about their behavior within the pack or if your dog has any special medical issues it may be best to choose a solo walk. Of course the cost for a solo walk is a little bit higher and if you’re still not sure which will be best we would be happy to take your dog for a trial walk to determine how they might adapt to our pack atmosphere. Rest assured that the dogs we walk in groups are never aggressive. The pack is always positive and healthy with us as the clear pack leaders.

How do I book service with you?

The first step is to contact us to request your free consultation. We must perform this before we can accept any booking. This will take less than 1/2 an hour and provides you with a chance to meet us and for us to meet your dog. We will cover any details with you and ask you some basic questions about your dog’s daily life and health.

What if I am interested just in Dog Training, is the same process for booking?

For Training you will need to contact us first and let us know your needs regarding the behavior or training you want us to work with your dog before to set any consultation. After this first step is when we can set a training private session that will be about 1 hour and a half. The first 30 minutes will be for the compilation of some crucial information regarding your dog’s behavior, schedule and your training goals, plus the evaluation of your dog.

What are your hours of service?

Group walks are booked usually for morning trip and private walks in the afternoon
Mornings are typically 10:00 – 11:00 and afternoons are typically 12:00 – 4:30. If there is extreme weather such a extreme low(-30) or high (+30) temperatures, for the dogs’ comfort and safety we will change the group walk for the day to a backyard break. The owner will be credited the difference for these events.

When and where do you provide the private training classes?

Private training classes are Monday to Friday from 6 to 8 pm.  Weekends during the morning can be scheduled but will have an extra fee of $10. We will go to your home every class and sometimes, if weather allows us, we will do some activities outdoors in surrounding areas to your home.

Is training just focus in puppies and obedience?

No, as important as it is to start training in the puppy hood stage, never is too late to start that obedience or learning of skills that your dog needs doesn’t matter the age. Old pups are never too late to learn new tricks!! However no all dogs need just obedience to have a happy life with their families. We offer as well training work in some behavior issues, as separation anxiety, leash reaction, house breaking and guarding barking.

What do we do about access to my home to get my dog?

Of course to walk your dog we will need access to him or her. Most clients provide us with a spare key and, if necessary, an alarm code for their home. Others may opt to leave the dog in a kennel or dog run in their back yard. Either is fine with us provided the facility and weather is agreeable and safe for your dog to be outdoors while you’re away. You house key will be kept in a locked box and is not stored with your name or any other identifying information. Our walkers undergo police background checks, both for your security and ours.

What requirements must we meet to become clients?

The saying goes that you should never trust someone who does not love dogs. And we couldn’t agree more. That being said we must have certain rules in place. Your dog must have current vaccinations, and current Calgary city license tags.
Puppies must have their first 3 booster vaccinations. We cannot accept reactive dogs in our group walks. But we can help with our private Training & walking service to tackle any issue you are struggling with your dog. Dogs with infectious disease or parasites won’t be accepted until they are healthy.  As a rule dogs must be generally in good health, well treated and reasonably provided for.

What are my payment options?

Payments must be made in advance for first time dog walks and after the try out period we will send invoices for the provided walks.

For Pet sitting services the 50 % deposit is required at the time of booking. Training must be paid in full for single sessions and 50% deposit for training packages.

We accept cheques, cash and Email Money Transfers. Weekly and Monthly billing plans available.

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