Whether you are looking for some basic dog obedience for your new K9 family member, work in some good dog manners as greeting and loose leash walking or tackle a specific mild behavior issue that your dog has been struggling with, the answer is our Individualized Dog Training sessions. We offer one and one training to help a puppy or an older dog start off on the right paw.

There are many reasons why someone would need to hire a dog walker or pet care specialist. These can range from a busy schedule, unplanned business trips or even illness and disability. If your lifestyle does not seem to permit enough opportunity for you to provide your dog with at least 1 hour of activity per day you owe it to them to begin right away. And Puppies Unleashed can help!

If you’re thinking about taking a holiday, a business trip or a family situation that requires you leave the city without your dog, you probably need someone to look after your dog. Dog kennels are great for some dogs but lots of dog owners prefer In Home Dog Boarding or Live In Pet Sitting to maintain a home environment for their dogs and in Puppies Unleashed our focus is to provide this in a caring and fun way for your dog.

Your dog can play while you are away

by Puppies Unleashed
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