Spring is here – watch for hidden treasure under the snow

Winter is history and so is the snow. Green areas and many dog parks are drying up and are no longer big, mud filled dirt bowls. What once was covered in clean white snow is now bare. Snow, like paint, hides many sins and few transgressions are more obvious at this time of year than those committed by who I like to call the “No Poop Scoop Group”

The Calgary Metro column, High Plains Drifter, written by J.Callsen pokes a stern finger at people who won’t “cop to the job” when he writes… Spring’s here, the smell of doo-doo’s in the air Every spring, it never ceases to amaze me that, after the snow melts, I’m left with a horrible scent — and a treacherous walk — along the pathways in my neighborhood, all because dog owners are too lazy, or consider themselves too good, to pick up after their pets.

He shows no mercy against people who knowingly leave the dog waste behind. He calls on all of us to be a bit more socially responsible while driving home his point.

Canine lovers of Calgary, please don’t ruin the great outdoors for everyone. Pick up after your pets. And if you believe you’re too good to pick up after a dog, you’re not good enough to own one.

In my experience there are several ways that you could honestly miss your dog doing its business while in the off leash. If you get distracted and are not paying attention this happens to the best of us at times. However there are those who go to the park, turn their dogs loose, then sit and jabber with the rest of the “less than active” dog owners. It strikes me as annoyingly comical how these people can take their dogs to the park daily but think nothing’s amiss that they never see Fido make a no. 2. I would consult a vet if this happened to our dog 2 days running but for them this is because Fido is 2oo yards away and they’re not even looking anyway. There are honest mistakes and there is the old “intentional ignorance” plea.

If you are taking your dog for a walk, good for you! But please do it right. The off leash is just the same as the ball bit at. It’s great to let your monsters burn off some energy but “you gotta watch them”. Your doody duty does not end because there’s no one watching or you can pretend not to notice.

What can you do when you see someone either knowingly or “ignoringly” leaving dog waste behind for your shoe to find? What we do is politely, and as non-confrontational as possible, ask the person if they need a bag. Then hand them one. This points out the dog’s mess and gives them an out to save face. Try it. Hopefully it makes a difference. Let’s keep it clean Calgary.

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